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Project Description
The goal of this project is to create a free and open source TV series plug-in for MediaCenter.

Project requirements
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
Microsoft Windows Media Center Development Kit
Microsoft .NET 3.5
IIS 6+ for browser test

Installation requirements
Microsoft SQL Server Express 2005 (Free)

Thanks go to
Yvo van Beek
Yvo van Beek and Bernd de Graaf
Jesse Johnston

2008-10-03 - 15:55 CET - Base MCE app added
I've added an empty MCE App. I will start creating the application as of today
This added a dependancy on the Vista MCE SDK.

2008-06-29 - 14:53 CET - Parsing of series added
Currently series' names are linked to TheTVDB series and stored in a SQLExpress Database.

2008-06-28 - File system parsing added
Currently files from the filesystem can be parsed. Now I need to combine this with TheTVDB data.

2008-06-25 - Project start
I've started developing a TV series plug-in for Microsoft Vista MediaCenter ®. As yet, no code for MediaCenter has been added.
I did create the first code to read TV Series information from

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